Mountain + Trees Set - Grumpy Face


The Mountain + Trees Set are the perfect add on accessories for your Grumpy Face creatures. Help your kids get lost in imaginative play, or use as deco in your child's room.

Each piece is individually hand-sewn and handcrafted in Hamilton, Ontario, which means no two are alike. Grumpy Faces care deeply about our environment and are created with felt and stuffing made of recycled materials. 

Grumpy Faces will grow with your little one, from adorable nursery décor to a toddler's favourite lovey to a preschooler's imaginative play — they're unique gifts that last.

Wash by hand with care.
Mountain: H 12 x W 14 inch
Tree 1: H 10 x W 5.5 inch
Tree 2: H 7.5 x W 4.5 inch
About the Maker:

Kristy Woudstra is a proud Hamiltonian, mom and step-mom, who loves to doodle, write and create any chance she gets. As a former editor for both HuffPost Parents and Today's Parent, she's inspired by kids' creativity and their insatiable curiosity. She hopes Grumpy Faces will spark adventure, play and learning everywhere they go.