Ginger Lemon Green Organic Kusmi Tea - 100g


Game, set, match! Ginger and lemon play doubles to give you an intensely refreshing break.


Opposites attract…

This afternoon on the center court, a heated match is being played between ginger and lemon. Ginger, hot and daring, stands on one side of the net. On the other side, the freshness and spontaneity of lemon. A subtle exchange of serves overseen by green tea, leaning one way and then the other. A spiced forehand met with a zesty backhand. It’s a tie! The players shake hands to the sounds of applause. In a single glance, a friendship is born. After all, why compete when both go so well together?

Ginger and lemon, lemon and ginger… the perfect combination for an intensely refreshing break!

Organic tea available loose because it’s good for the planet, and in teabags for when you’re on the go.



We’ll be honest with you: when hearing the word “ginger,” a lot of people think of aphrodisiacs. And it’s true that we love this root grown in tropical regions – especially Asia – for its hot and spicy flavor. But that’s not all! Its original shape supposedly inspired its name, as the word “ginger” in Sanskrit means “shaped like a stag’s antlers.” Astonishing, right?