Nancy Boy Print 8x10


This reproduction of a linocut print pays homage to the term's multifaceted history within queer culture. Originating as a derogatory term in early 20th-century Britain, 'Nancy Boy' was used to mock men who did not conform to traditional masculine norms. Over the decades, this term has been reclaimed by the LGBTQ+ community, transforming into a badge of pride and a symbol of resistance against gender stereotypes.

The print itself captures this spirit of defiance and reclamation. It features a character inspired by the burlesque tradition, embodying both the historical connotations and the contemporary celebration of the term.

About the Artist: Queero Gear is an original pop-art & design brand that aims to inspire queer joy! Artist & Founder, Eric J. Van Giessen uses digital illustration and linocut printmaking to bring LGBTQ+ history, culture, and homoerotic imagery to life with bold colours, minimalist design, and a dash of low-brow humour. 

Frame not included