Stephen Hawkbean Black Hole Roast



What the people want, the people get. And what the people want is a dark roast so smooth and flavourful that it will be remembered in both time and space for all of eternity. 

Named after a man who with his amazing mind travelled to the farthest corners of space, from his power wheelchair, comes a dark roast with a flavour that can only be described as out of this world. 

We'll admit it, we were sceptical. We like our roasts on the lighter side, but this dark roast has us seeing the limitless possibilities of the universe. 

Good as a shot of espresso too, especially if using the Milky Way. 

An infinite number will not be made, so act faster than the speed of light to buy yours now. 

PRODUCER: Fuji Washing Station
LOCATION: Nyaruguru DIstrict, Southern Province
ALTITUDE (Station): 1550 masl
ALTITUDE (Farms): 1500 - 1850 masl

SIZES: Available in 227g, 340g, 454g, and 908g.

GRIND: Whole Bean (default and recommended), Filter grind, French Press grind, and Espresso/Moka Pot grind. 

More about Producers:

This coffee comes to us from our friends at Baho Coffee, who operate the Fuji Washing Station in Rwanda's Southern province with care and ethics in mind . Check out our link to find out more about the amazing things they are doing, like paying their workers fair wages and a pension, and supporting many all women farms for single and widowed women.

Brewing Tips

  • ESPRESSO: This pulls a rich espresso shot that goes great with milk based drinks! We pull this as a traditional 1:2 shot. 
  • FRENCH PRESS/POUR OVER: for making this dark roast, we suggest using water that has cooled a bit form boil, as too hot water with a dark roast can create a harsh, over-extracted taste.
  • If you don't have a kettle that can set the temperature, simply bring your kettle to a full boil, then let it rest for a minute or so before starting your bloom (the first pour where you wet the grinds to let them gas out). 
  • For POUR OVER, you can also grind a touch coarser than usual to avoid over extraction. And use a more slightly more generous ratio, like a 1:16 or 1:17.