Real Talk Blocks - Set of 3


What Are Real Talk Blocks?

Hand-made wooden block homes with burned designs, created by My Dad and Me Everyday Ornaments. The set of 3 make for great decor pieces and promote Real-Talk within the home.

These tiny homes and buildings represent the places and spaces in our community where real talk about racism and creating an anti-racist future begins. In our homes, with our families and our neighbours.

Included with the set of 3 are reflection questions that can help get the conversation started in your home. To keep these questions in sight and on your mind we have also included a display stand.

The People Behind the Project

We are working in collaboration with Sarah Barnhart, founder of My Dad and Me, Everyday Ornaments and creator of Real Talk Blocks. Together, we are working on this passion project to help to build a world we can all live in with freedom from the oppressive system of white supremacy.

We are not professional anti-racism educators but we understand the importance in sharing experiences and having continuous, life long conversations.


20% of proceeds are donated to Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion.

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