Protection Candle


This candle is handcrafted by Eleven Past Eleven Candle Co. using all natural soy wax. The Protection Candle is topped with Tibetan Quartz, Black Tourmaline and Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. The impressive combination of Tibetan Quartz and Black Tourmaline is an all around powerhouse. Together, they create a protective vibration that neutralizes and transmutes any negative energy in the space. Scented with Manchurian Dragon fragrance.

Light your candle, keeping the crystals in place. the element of fire will increase and amplify the crystal's healing properties. Let your candle burn until the pool reaches the edge of the container. Your crystals will drop and lower as your candle burns down. Once the candle is finished, pick out crystals with tweezers and clean fro your enjoyments. 11 oz