New Moon Ritual Bath

Each new moon marks a new beginning. New Moon Ritual Bath Powder helps you harness the energy of the new moon by turning inwards to reflect, rejuvenate, and cleanse from what no longer serves you. Use this time to set your intentions for the cycle ahead. Dark and moody like the new moon sky, this formula combines detoxifying activated charcoal, mineralizing epsom salts, and clarity bringing aroma of frankincense. Women who are cycle-synced with the moon will experience the bleeding phase of their menstrual cycle at this time, so we include clary sage and evening primrose oil for balance and support. Our favourite time to use this bath is on the evening of the new moon. Also Check out the Full Moon Ritual Bath to get your cycle synced with the moon!


Directions: Dissolve contents of the bag in warm bath water and soak for 20 minutes. Set your intentions for the month ahead. Drink water before, during, and after this bath.