Harlow Skin Co. Fog Body Whip

Harlow Skin Co. Fog Body Whip

Lightweight and perfectly nourishing, our Vegan formula is soothing with a light scent. 

Deep amongst the trees, robust scents of damp earth, roots and greens; the whimsical forest after a heavy rainfall.  Vanilla, vetiver and Himalayan cedar wood.

100% crude Shea butter(Ghana), organic/cold pressed coconut oil, avocado oil, organic macadamia nut oil, non gmo soy butter, peppermint*, Himalayan cedar wood*, vetiver*, vanilla* 

*essential oil 

Do not store in direct sunlight.  If your Harlow product melts, place in refrigerator until solid.  If your product returns to solid at room temperature crystallizing may occur, this only affects texture not performance of product.  Please re use or recycle your Harlow jars.

100 g 3.5 oz